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The Human Cell Atlas is built with the help of and for the benefit of the scientific community. Our team welcomes contributions of raw data at cellular resolution, as long as it is consented for open access to the public.

Data Suitability

At the moment, the HCA considers five criteria to assess the suitability of a dataset for building the Atlas.


Each of the five criteria have the following statuses:

  • Green: We are happy to receive your dataset.
  • Amber: We are happy to discuss the value of your dataset to the HCA.
  • Red: We are not collecting these data at the moment, but we would like to learn more about it.

Learn more about the data suitability criteria here.

Data Submission Process

Once you are ready to submit your data, you will be supported by the Human Cell Atlas data wranglers. We currently use spreadsheets to collect metadata and a command-line tool to transfer the data files to our cloud infrastructure.


In order to process your cellular resolution data, we will request the following information:

  • Unprocessed data files
  • Information on samples
  • Information on experiment and protocols
  • Summary of project and team information
  • Confirmation that data is consented for open access

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for the data submission process here.

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Data Processing and Results

Once submitted to the Human Cell Atlas, the data will be:

  • Searchable in the HCA Data Browser
  • Processed by the Data processing pipelines to produce alignment results
  • Available through the Matrix Service to produce quantification results
  • Accessioned in standard archives

Learn more about what results will be available for different data types here.

Start the Process

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